Sunday, 5 May 2013

Guest Post - What Bread Means to Me

As I mentioned in An Update, I was asked to write a "What Bread Means To Me" guest post for Sam over on Planet Bake Life. I'm very honoured to be asked to guest post on her blog!

Sam blogs about baking and her life in New Zealand. She has a great blog and I highly recommend checking it out!

There are quite a few entries in the "What Bread Means to Me" guest post series now, all of which are really interesting reads!

As my post was written for Sam's blog, I won't be posting my basic white loaf recipe here on Cakes and Bakes by Kate. I may post other breads in future, but not this one.

You can find my post here: What Bread Means To Me

I really hope you'll check out Sam's blog and give my post a read! 


P.S: I'm looking to try baking some other breads too. If  there are any recipes you think I should have a go at, please drop me a line!

P.P.S: I've recently set up my very own Facebook page which you can find here (and with the other social links on the right). Head over to see what I'm doing for World Baking Day on the 19th of May!


  1. Hi Kate!
    Thanks so such wonderfully kind words about my blog :) I really loved having you do a guest post and I will definitely be asking you to do another one! You did so well with the writing and the photos and your bread looked great. I can imagine it smelt amazing too :)
    I'll be popping over to your facebook asap.
    Have a good Sunday!

    1. Thanks Sam,

      I really enjoyed writing the guest post for you! The bread smelled and tasted amazing too!



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