Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Window Shopping Wednesday - Baking Beans

I'm always on the look-out for new baking items - I can spend hours online looking at different tools and colourings! I thought I'd start sharing them here as a bit of a weekly feature.

Hopefully it'll help me keep track of them too!

Window Shopping Wednesday

When I made the treacle tart for World Baking Day recently, I used broken up spaghetti to blind bake the tart cases as I don't have any baking beans. You can also use rice, lentils or split peas as a substitute.

As I'd like to make more pastry, I've been thinking about buying some ceramic baking beans. I've heard of people using the same baking beans for decades so they are a worthwhile investment!

Baking beans are made of ceramic due to its ability to withstand high temperatures. The beads heat up and help to set the inside of the pastry case.

I've been looking at the following baking beans:

The above baking beans are from Wilkinson and are currently priced at £4 for 700g. There aren't any reviews on their website for this product at the moment, but I've bought quite a lot of Wilkinson's kitchen products in the past and never been disappointed.
Click here for the direct link.

The above baking beans are from Lakeland, and are priced and £4.49 for 700g. They have some great reviews, including people who have been using them for 10 years or more.
Click here for the direct link.

These Tala baking beads (above) are available from Dunelm Mill, and are priced at £3.99 for 700g. There are no reviews on the website, but these seem fairly similar to the others and are marginally cheaper than the Wilkinson's ones.
Click here for the direct link.

The above Tala Retro baking beans are also available from Dunelm Mill, priced at £5.99 (was £6.49). The weight of baking beans is not specified, so I'm not sure if this is also a 700g pack. 

I really love the tin that these beans come in. I think it would look really pretty on a kitchen shelf! However, they are quite a bit more expensive than the others I've been looking at. I don't know if I could justify £2 - £2.50 just for the pretty tin!
Click here for the direct link.

All in all, the physical product seems to be fairly similar, and fairly similarly priced. I must say I do prefer the Tala ones in the pretty tin, but I'm not sure if these will be the ones I go for or not!

Which ones would you choose?

Have you used any of the products I've shown here? If so, what do you think of them?

I'll be sure to review whichever ones I do buy, so I will keep you all posted!

**Disclaimer: At the time of writing, I do not own any of the products detailed above. All product images belong to the website(s) linked. All prices and product links correct at the time of writing. All opinions are my own**


  1. I think I could do with buying some baking beans as well, at the moment I've just been using rice.


    1. Hi Stacey,

      Rice works pretty well, I've also heard of people using lentils too.

      I'll let you know what baking beans I decide to go for and how I get on with them.


  2. I use the baking beans from Wilko's so many times and each result has been perfect, I'd highly recommend their ones as they have been the only ones I've used ever

    Rhiannon x

    1. Thanks Rhiannon,

      I own many of Wilko's kitchen products and I've never had a problem. Wilko's is pretty close to me too, so I think I might end up giving them a go (even though I really love the ones in the pretty tin!)



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