Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Window Shopping Wednesday - Vintage Style Scales

My kitchen is currently fairly modern in style, but I've been acquiring some more vintage style pieces recently. I'd love to redecorate the kitchen with a more vintage feel! Unfortunately, it's one of the last things on the list so I might have to wait for a while...

I've got a set of digital scales, but there are a lot of vintage style scales around at the moment. I'd really love a set of the vintage style ones - they'd look great on display in a vintage themed kitchen!

I've been looking at the following scales this week:

These scales are from Wilkinson. They are currently priced at £8 (with £2 off the usual price of £10). I really like the look of them - the major scale measurements seem easy to read too. Wilko's kitchen products are usually great quality so these look like a great buy!

You can find the direct link for this item here.

These Hanson Scales are from Tesco Direct. They are currently priced at £14.89, but are only available to order online. The measurements seem pretty easy to read and the red indicator really stands out..

You can find the direct link here.

These scales, also by Hanson, are from Argos. They are currently priced at £15.99 - slightly more than the Tesco ones, but I wouldn't mind paying this for the ability to collect in store. Despite the image above, the measuring bowl does appear to be shiny. There are a few more images on their site.

You can find the direct link here.

These Typhoon scales are from Lakeland. They are currently priced at £29.99. I particularly like the colour and coloured band on the scale. These scales only weigh up to 4kg, but the others weigh up to 5kg.

You can find the direct link here.

Each of these scales would look great in a vintage style kitchen. Most of the products I've shown here are available in other colours too.

Which one would you choose?

Have you used any of the products I've shown here? If so, what do you think of them?

I'll be sure to review whichever ones I do buy, so I will keep you all posted!

**Disclaimer: At the time of writing, I do not own any of the products detailed above. All product images belong to the website(s) linked. All prices and product links correct at the time of writing. All opinions are my own**

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