Wednesday, 25 September 2013

An evening at Iron Cupcake: Leeds

Recently, Charlotte from Iron Cupcake:Leeds very kindly invited me to visit Leeds' very own monthly cupcake competition.

I first found out about Iron Cupcake:Leeds around a year ago, but I wasn't brave enough to enter! Charlotte's invite was the perfect opportunity to go along and see what Iron Cupcake: Leeds was all about - I couldn't wait to go!

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to take part myself, so the Mr and I chose the "Eater" tickets rather than the "Baker" tickets. It would have been nice to have baked this time, but getting to taste all of the cupcakes was more than enough to console me!

Iron Cupcake was born in America, but came to Leeds in 2009. The monthly competition is currently run by Charlotte, but was founded by Charlotte's cousin Zoe after stumbling across the American version on the internet.

The competition is held on the second Sunday of each month at the Adelphi Hotel in Leeds.

Each month has it's own theme and set of great prizes! There are prizes for "Best in Show", "Best Taste", "Best Theme" and "Best Appearance".

September's prizes were:

There are three types of tickets: Baker, Eater and Bakers Panel. Baker and Eater tickets are both priced at £5, and the Bakers Panel tickets are priced at £8. Tickets are available here.

Each Baker bakes 12 cupcakes to match the theme. The Eaters taste all of the cupcakes and judge them on three categories - Taste, Appearance and Theme.

Bakers who choose the Bakers Panel tickets also get to taste and judge the cupcakes.

Once all of the cupcakes have been tasted and scored, the votes are counted and the winners announced for each category. The Eaters and Bakers Panelists also get to submit a suggestion for the following months theme.

Each month, there is also a quiz to match the theme. As the main theme was "Cupcakes inspired by music", the quiz was also themed on music. I must say that we were both pretty rubbish at the quiz, but we had fun trying to answer the questions!

Here are the entries for September:

The entries were all fantastic with a huge array of flavours! We really enjoyed tasting all of the cupcakes!

You can find out the results of the competition here on the IronCupcake:Leeds homepage. See the blog page for other updates too!

The theme for October is "Death by Chocolate" and is held on Sunday 13th of October. Unfortunately, I can't make Octobers competition, but I'm really hoping to take part in November!

I'd definitely recommend visiting IronCupcake:Leeds - everyone was really friendly and there was a great atmosphere. It was great to chat to other bakers too!

Thanks once again to Charlotte for inviting us both along! 

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