Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Window Shopping Wednesday - Cake Turntables

If you've decorated a cake before, you probably noticed that there is quite a lot of cake manoeuvring involved. You need to be able to turn the cake as much as required, and also stop it sliding away from you while piping or smoothing the sides.

I like to use a non-slip mat under the cake board to stop the cake from sliding away from me, but this has the downside of making it difficult to turn the cake.

I'd love to try a proper cake turntable, so I've been looking at the following ones this week.

This Tala cake turntable is from Sainsbury's. It has a 10" diameter, so it is ideal for most small - medium cakes. It is currently priced at £6.50, with the option of free store pick-up.

You can find the direct link here.

This Wilton cake turntable is from Asda Direct. It has a 12" diameter, but can accommodate up to an 11" cake. It has a non-slip base which is raised to make turning larger cakes easier. It is currently priced at £11.00, and is also available for free store pick-up.

You can find the direct link here.

This PME heavy duty cake turntable is from Cake Stuff. It is smaller than the others at 9", but the turntable itself is higher. This model comes with non-slip feet. It is currently priced at £13.95.

You can find the direct link here.

This tilting cake turntable is from Lakeland. It also has a 9" diameter with a raised turntable, but the turntable is tilt-able to make detailed piping easier. This model has non-slip feet, a non-slip surface and a cutting guide. It is currently priced at £14.99.

You can find the direct link here.

Have you used a cake turntable before? Did you find that it made decorating easier?

I'd really love to try one of these, particularly the Lakeland one which is cheaper than I thought. I expected the tilting ones to be much more expensive!

Next week's Window Shopping Wednesday post will be written by a guest - I can't wait to see it! 

If you'd like to write a Window Shopping Wednesday guest post, please let me know.

**Disclaimer: At the time of writing, I do not own any of the products detailed above. All product images belong to the website(s) linked. All prices and product links correct at the time of writing. All opinions are my own**


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