Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Window Shopping Wednesday Guest Post - Icing Bags and Nozzles by Sophie

This week, I've got another Window Shopping Wednesday Guest Post to share with you all. The lovely Sophie, of Sophie Loves Food, has been looking at icing bags and nozzles. 

Hello! Sophie from Sophie Loves Food here. I'm so excited to do something a little different and to be writing a guest post for Kate’s lovely blog. I've been drooling over the idea of her recent post, vanilla sponge with matcha buttercream!

I've chosen to do a little window-shopping today for icing bags and nozzles.  Has anyone else ever noticed how each bakery has a ‘signature swirl’? Is it just me that stares at cupcakes and wonders what nozzle they used?

But first, icing bags. Unless you’re a professional and ice cupcakes all day long, I find you have less control over a bigger bag. It’s much easier to refill a smaller bag a little along the way. It’s also much easier to buy disposable bags, saving time and the effort of washing and drying.

A pack of 100 disposable piping bags from Amazon are perfectly sized and surprisingly thick. I recommend these ones here. (Although that’s not strictly window-shopping, but these are seriously good! And with P&P works out to be 7p a bag).

And for alternatives…

…I quite fancy having a try of these duo colour bags from Lakeland to get an ombrĂ© style effect. When paired with their ‘innovative’ nozzle coupler the duo bags give a two-tone effect.

Find their duo colour range here.

It’s always helpful to see how each nozzle actually comes out.

Many may have seen this image floating around Pinterest from the amazing Glorious Treats. I've been on the hunt for one of each, links below.

(Left to Right) Large round tip, Open star (Wilton 1M), Closed star (Wilton 2D), French tip.

This Little Venice Cake Company starter kit has a good selection of nozzles. Found in John Lewis here.

For icing writing or little squiggles these Cuisipro decorating pens I've found on Amazon look good.

I hope that this has inspired you to get icing. I know what I'm off to do now…

Thank you Sophie for the great post - it's got me wanting to bake some cupcakes too! 

My nozzle of choice is an Ateco 887 - you can find it here.

Don't forget to check out the lovely bakes over on Sophie's blog!

P.S. I've got some more WSW Guest Post slots available - if you'd like to join in just drop me a line!

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  1. I don't trust any piping bags except for the Get a Grip Disposable Bags from Lakeland. They're a little expensive at around £10 for 50 bags but they're the best I've found so far and they're a really good size.
    Unfortunately Amazon don't deliver to where I live so I can't try out the suggestion above :( But I stocked up on bags before we left the UK lol so I'm good for many two or three years!

    1. Thanks Sam!

      I'l have to try both and see which are best for me!


  2. Kate i am 100% agreed with your all thoughts and suggestions, but would you more specify bags regarding few other types, such as paper'r and Merchandise Bags etc which will more signify for your blog.


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