Saturday, 30 November 2013

Guest Post - Five Bits of Bakery Equipment You Need to Buy

Have you ever thought about opening your own bakery? If so, I've got the perfect Guest Post for you!

This post is by Barnaby and details "Five Bits of Bakery Equipment You Need to Buy"

If you are planning to start a bakery, you should know what are the most essential tools and bakery equipment that you need to buy to get your business moving. Of course, you can make do with all the stuff in your kitchen for the time being. In the long run, using home appliances and tools will limit the amount of product you can produce. It will also definitely take a huge toll on your mortal body, especially if you are planning to work alone.

Now, of course, everybody’s houses are different sizes and some people are able to rent units, so these five pieces of bakery equipment don’t take anything into account except what are the best five bits of equipment.

Maybe item number one isn’t practical in your studio flat on the 12th floor, but to really get cracking in this business you need to expand. Making cakes from home will never make you a good profit, unless you are going to charge £100 a cake!

  1. Commercial Baking Ovens
Needless to say, your stove’s oven would not do if you want to produce at least a hundred cupcakes a day. Also, if you can do that, it will take a huge amount of your precious time. And you should understand that baking in a small unit like that is gas inefficient. So, do not hesitate in buying a commercial baking oven.

2.            Dough Mixer
Just making pizza dough is tiresome. Imagine having to make 10 big lumps of dough – not an ‘ooh yes please’ kind of task is it? Unless you are willing to get a person to make dough manually, buy yourself a dough mixer, or you will end up with builder’s arms.

3.            Proofing Cabinets
Okay, so after mixing and sheeting your dough, you need to proof and allow them to rise. Of course, you are not going to place those ‘raw’ breads lying around your house and kitchen, are you? You will only be able to stack so many on the sideboard and on top the Telly.

4.            Retarder Unit
It is a fact that not all the time you would want to make your dough rise fast. Due to that, you will need a retarder unit. Refrigerators can be used, but they are too cold for dough. For 10 months of the year in England, you could just put them outside, but that would not make the food inspectors very happy

5.            Bakery Display Case
And finally, you need a bakery display case to showcase the fruit of your hard work. The fancier the display case, the better. The tendency of people getting attracted to buy your product depends on your display case and the finesse of how you made your bread.
If you aren’t at the stage to open your own shop, see if you can find space in another local shop for your display case.

Making cakes and baking bread is a great way to make money and we guarantee you will never run out of customers.

Barnaby is a ‘General Dogsbody’ at Perrett and Kane Machine Services – suppliers of Bakery equipment to the Bakery and Confectionery industry.

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